Screen Trax Commentary: Purple Rain (1984)


Dearly Beloved.  We are gathered here to do a live commentary on one of the greatest rock musicals ever made, Purple Rain.  This movie and soundtrack are the ones that made Prince a household name.  Many of the songs featured in this are the ones you know very well from this artist.   In this special commentary track; We have The Vern, Jordan and  his wife Denelle to give us some great info.  Not just on the movie , music, and Prince.  But also on the many locations that were used in this.  A lot of the sets and locations of  Purple Rain was shot in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Which is also the location of this very podcast you are listening to.  It seems fitting that we praise our great city by giving you a great commentary track on a great movie about a fantastic artist.  Enjoy.

You can listen via the link below


You can also listen to us via Itunes, Stitcher & PlayerFM.

***Note***   You may hear some squeak like noises in the background.  We apologize for this, but it’s just the pet Rats Jordan was watching for family members.



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