Bonus Episode: Batman Soundtrack (1989)

Hello everyone

Welcome back to our tribute to Prince.  We know we promised you an episode on Under The Cherry Moon.  But due to technical issues, that episode will be delayed.  However, we wanted to give you an episode and we are doing one on the soundtrack to Batman (1989).  Now if you were not around when Tim Burton’s version came out.  You have no idea of how huge this movie was.  In terms of marketing alone.  It was way more successful then Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight saga.   Prince composed every song for this movie and when you watch it.  The songs work for many iconic scenes.  Would the Joker’s (Jack Nicholson) romp through the art gallery work without Partyman being played.  Not at all.

On this episode.  Jordan and Vern go over each song and tell you where it fit in the movie.  We hope you enjoy it

You can also listen to us via Itunes, Stitcher & PlayerFM.

***Note***   You may hear some squeak like noises in the background.  We apologize for this, but it’s just the pet Rats Jordan was watching for family members.

All songs featured in this episode are used for review purposes only and are protected under the Fair Use Act by the DMCA

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