5th Episode: School of Rock (2003)

Today’s assignment is to listen to Vern and Jordan revisit the 2003 Richard Linklatter comedy, School of Rock.  This Richard Linklater feature stars Jack Black, Joan Cusack, Sarah Silverman and a slew of really talented kids who rocked the house back when they were just 9.  Below you can see a clip of the 10 year reunion and they still put on a great show.    Listen as Vern and Jordan go over this movie and explain why it is such a classic.

The Vern also gives his quick thoughts about the French Horror flick Raw and Jordan talks about Christian Exploitation Flicks.



You can also listen to us via Itunes, Stitcher & PlayerFM.


Featuring Ads from

Blood Guts and Blu-Ray

Second Class Cinema

Lair of The Unwanted


Videos of the 10 Year Reunion

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