The Vern Visits The LAMBcast, Ticklish Business, & M.I.L.F.cast Podcasts



As we get ready to post another new episode.  We wanted to note that The Vern has been busy guesting  on several great shows.   We urge you all to listen and subscribe because they are all great.




On This Show, Heather, Kai and Vern predicted who we thought would win the Oscars, and for the most part we were correct.  He also added categories that were not being recognized but should have been.  Plus you get to hear V doing an impression of Mickey Mouse that may scar you.


Ticklish Business


Kristen Lopez, and The Vern discuss their 3 favorite films of actor Cary Grant. It’s fun, informative, and The Vern actually restrains himself and is professional



Vern won The LAMB’s February movie of the month for his choice of Howard The Duck(you can read his reviews by clicking the name). He is joined by several other great film reviewers and even though he is the only
one defending it. It’s still a damn fun show.

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